Loki Eco Dog Toy


Purchasing this product feeds a rescue dog 5 meals

These amazing eco-friendly toys are made from jute rope and 100% recycled bottles.

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Join the eco-friendly movement and make a positive impact on our planet with the charming M-Pets Loki Eco Dog Toy! Shaped like an adorable sheep, this toy is not only irresistibly cute but also a testament to our commitment to the environment.

Crafted from recycled bottles and durable jute rope, the M-Pets Loki Eco Dog Toy is a beacon of sustainability. If you’re passionate about being eco-conscious and Earth-friendly, this toy is tailor-made for you and your beloved furry companion, Biscuit – your cuddly, fat-bellied puppy.

By choosing this eco-friendly toy, you’re not just providing entertainment for your pet; you’re actively contributing to the fight against climate change. Watch as Biscuit enjoys hours of joy with the M-Pets Loki Eco Dog Toy and be prepared for an abundance of face-licking and tail-wagging – the ultimate signs of a happy and satisfied pup.

Make a conscious choice for the planet and your pet’s happiness – bring home the M-Pets Loki Eco Dog Toy and indulge in moments of pure joy and environmental responsibility.


30 x 22 x 8cm