Rune Eco Dog Toy


Purchasing this product feeds a rescue dog 5 meals

These amazing eco-friendly toys are made from jute rope and 100% recycled bottles.

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Meet the M-Pets Rune Eco Dog Toy – possibly the most adorable rune-deer your furry friend has ever laid eyes on! Your doggie, like many, may have a tendency to seek comfort in toys when you’re not around. If playful tug games with Boomer are a regular part of your routine, he might find solace in carrying around this soft toy, a delightful reminder of your shared playtime.

Even on the busiest days when you can’t spare a moment, Boomer will find joy in frolicking around with his toy or subtly conveying his desire to play by carrying it in tow. The M-Pets Rune Eco Dog Toy, crafted from recycled bottles and sturdy jute rope, is not just a plaything – it’s a sustainable statement.

For pet parents who prioritize being eco and earth-conscious, this toy is a perfect fit for you and your cherished pet. Boomer’s playtime becomes a conscious choice for the planet, making every tail wag and playful bounce even more special.

Indulge in the joy of sustainable play with the M-Pets Rune Eco Dog Toy – because your pet’s happiness and the well-being of the Earth can go hand in paw.


30 x 27 x 8cm